Take Control of Any Situation

When it comes to mitigating damage, reducing risks and handling any incidents that may arise, you need to work with a SaaS model ITSM platform that puts your business first. Zebrit does exactly that and so much more.

Manage Incidents with Ease

Your team will have the ability to easily track and fix any issue thanks to our incident management services. Not only will our platform provide you with access to industry best practices when it comes to solving potential issues, but it will also help you improve your teams’ productivity thanks to its speed and efficiency.

Request Changes in Minutes

Your team can request everything from password changes to IT requests, automated approvals, and everything in-between. Better yet, each of these requests can be tracked and managed without the hassle thanks to our interactive dashboard that’s tailored to suit your business.

Access the Inbox User Interface

With a full view of your dashboard, you’ll be able to track the progress of your incident management processes, set their priority, and determine which agents needs to handle each incident and when. With the Full View interface, you can set it up and start customising it to suit your needs in just a few easy steps.

Access the Profile User Interface

This user interface gives you access to the Agent View that not only protects your sensitive information, but also gives your agents a way to quickly and easily prioritise and resolve issues from wherever they are.

Get Ahead of Potential Incidents

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